Defender Range

Driving Away Danger

Defender runs on battery power, making it an ideal solution for cars and trucks. It is available in 12-volt and 24-volt units and draws on the vehicle's battery to ensure non-stop security on the move.

The 12-volt unit makes use of a coiled, stainless steel heat exchanger that produces enough screening smoke to effectively obscure the interior of cars and small trucks.

The 24-volt unit has a machined steel heater block similar to those used in the Sentinel and Guardian ranges. The volume of smoke produced by this model is considerable, making it a perfect option to protect large trucks and mobile storage containers.

The 12-volt unit can be supplied as a modular kit, mounted on a plinth or in a plain steel case, while the 24-volt system is mounted on a steel plinth.

The battery power feature of this range makes it the ideal choice for on-road vehicles, but Defenders can also be used in shipping containers, boats, yachts, remote buildings (such as cell phone masts) and parked aircraft, making this the most versatile mobile defense system available.