Predator DNA System

Turning the Tide

Our Predator DNA systems have revolutionized the security fogging industry, combining our existing Smoke Screen generators with DNA tagging technology that makes it easier for the police to track down criminals and return stolen property. The Predator DNA unit can be integrated into Sentinel and Guardian generators to provide a new proactive method of tackling crime. The system is activated by a verified signal, making it safe and simple to use.

The DNA tagging technology is distributed into the spreading smoke plume and transferred onto the skin and clothing of the attacker. This tag then allows the police to trace and identify the criminal and bring them to justice.

Predator DNA was originally designed to be used in Guardian units to provide active protection for ATM maintenance crews, but because of its inherent adaptability and success, it can now be integrated into Sentinel systems to provide the same level of security in businesses and homes. Predator DNA is also compatible with leading tagging products available on the market, making it the most flexible proactive security device you can get.

Our Predator DNA system turns the hunter into the hunted, giving you the tools you need to fight back against crime without any increased personal danger.