Smaller particle sizes mean safer smoke and no residue.

Our smoke is completely safe and will cause no damage to your property. We promise that no residue will remain after deployment and your property and goods will be left intact.

We're proud of our class-leading 0.2 microns particle size, tested and confirmed by the Atomic Energy Authority (Aerosols Division).

  • Our smoke is the safest smoke for human breathing.
  • Smaller particle size means a more effective system: our smoke settles slowly - around 9mm per hour - making it the most persistent smoke currently available. The longer the smoke lasts, the more effective the defense against crime.
  • Smaller particle size means no damage: our smoke will have no damaging effect on your property or belongings.
  • Smaller particle size means a more efficient solution: our smoke requires less fluid than other smoke systems, meaning our generators last longer and cost less.